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Japan Bootcamp
an intensive business-program for Russian IT-startups searching for an opportunity to enter the Japanese/Asian market.
The program aims to create an ecosystem which would foster open innovations of Russian startups and Japanese companies.
Meet the Japanese innovation ecosystem
Program's participants will have an opportunity to visit Japanese innovative companies and have a look at Japanese innovative ecosystem. Moreover, the program includes lectures and trainings by leading experts in the sphere of startup development and promotion.
Attract investors and prospective partners
The program is designed in the way that every participant has an opportunity to communicate with investors and prospective partners in person. Apart from that we offer you to take part in such events as Russian Startup Night, DEMO DAY etc.
Get business support in Japan
To do business abroad properly, one needs to review the key legal aspects of a country. The program offers an opportunity to learn from qualified specialists about "potholes" in the Japanese legislation. Moreover, the participants will have themselves familiar with the information on accelerators and business incubators which work closely with foreign companies.
Work on product and solution development
As a part of the program, foreign entrepreneurs who have successfully entered on the Japanese market will share their real experience. They will tell about the difficulties they have encountered and about the right way of product/service localization for the Japanese market.
Why Japan? Or advantages of business development in the Land of the Rising Sun at a glance
Japan is a country with highly recognized economy. What is more, Japan obtains one of the highest rates of HDI (the 19th) and GDP(the 3d).
Asian market covers 30% of the world's market. Total turnover comprises up to 22$tn a year.
Issuance of startup visas is one of the Japanese national policy initiatives. You can get such a visa in a Japanese city called Fukuoka which is a special economic zone.
Japan strives to take the leading positions in IT-sphere; that is why, Japanese companies are constantly searching for technological solutions, including abroad.
Japan's population is rapidly aging, whilst the birthrate is decreasing. That is the reason why the Japanese government made increasing the number of foreign residents its policy.
More than 40% of startups receive funding from large Japanese corporations, which gladly invest into projects. At the current moment, start-ups in Japan managed to obtain more than 160 billion rubles.
21.04.19 - 28.04.19
22 April
22 April
DAY 1 (Fukuoka) - Fukuoka startup ecosystem introduction
  • You will find out about Fukuoka Growth Next - the platform for startup promotion and support, examine Fukuoka's startup ecosystem in detail, as well as take part in "Russian Startup Night", an event which will be held in the office of one of the largest coworking networks - WeWork.
      23 April
      23 April
      DAY 2 (Fukuoka) - visiting Fukuoka's large IT companies, negotiations with investors
      • Visiting offices of Fukuoka's large IT companies is planned. You will also have an opportunity to talk to Japanese investors, companies, startups etc. in person.
      24 April
      24 April
      DAY 3 (Tokyo) - a dialog with experts, participation in DEMO DAY
      • Visiting offices of Japan External Trade Organization JETRO and One-stop center. Besides, representatives from Grooves will held a lecture in which they will tell you about legal aspects of running a business, share useful lifehacks, and answer all of your questions. Moreover, you will participate in DEMO DAY (pitch session) which will be held in docks - coworking space of the largest Japanese accelerator Creww.
      25 April
      25 April
      DAY 4 (Tokyo) - "potholes" of running a business in Japan
      • Visiting office of a world-renowned accelerator Plug and Play Japan. Moreover, you will participate in the workshop by one of the largest software developers in Japan - Monster labs. Besides, visiting the office of Open Network Lab (a business accelerator which supports startups willing to enter a foreign market) is planned.During the event, you will get acquainted with the project management methods in Japanese companies, which is essential to do business in Japan successfully. Tokyo Startup Pitch Night will be the last event of the day.
      26 April
      26 April
      DAY 5 (Тokyo) - visiting offices of the largest Japanese IT corporations, negotiations with investors
      • You will visit the office of INTAGE Inc., which is a main subsidiary of Intage Holdings (the best marketing analysis agency in Japan), working on the model of "open innovation» . As well, you will visit D.A.Consortium Holdings Inc., an affiliated company of the Hakuhodo DY HD (internet advertising agency dealing with developments in Adtech). Apart from visiting the office, you will have an opportunity to present your projects in front of representatives from Investment Division and R&D of DAC, as well as representatives from Investment Division of Hakuhodo DY HD.
      27 April
      27 April
      DAY 6 (Тokyo) - cultural activities

      • On this day you will immerse yourself in the Japanese culture: visit the most famous Tokyo's spots, get to know Japanese traditions, stroll around the streets of the most technologically advanced city on the planet.
      We welcome
      Aspiring startups and successful investors
      Russian startups in the sphere of AI, Big data, IoT, VR/AR, Blockchain etc. which offer advanced IT-technologies and which are searching for a chance to enter the Japanese/Asian market under B2B model.
      Venture capital investors who have an interest in the Japanese market and who is willing to develop investment portfolio and investment activity in Asia.

      SAMI LLC.
      SAMI LLC. is a Russian-Japanese accelerator, performing as a unique platform for connecting IT-spheres of Russia and Japan. The company deals with the comprehensive research of the Russian and Japanese markets, organizes major events, as well as conducts project management.
      Pulsar Venture Capital
      Pulsar Venture Capital is an international early-stage venture capital and an acceleration program. Pulsar VC invests in startups on early stages with global perspectives focusing on groundbreaking companies in blockchain/cryptocurrency, IT, hardware systems and advanced materials.
      Startup City Fukuoka
      Startup City Fukuoka - the city of Fukuoka is a special economic zone in Japan. City authorities are actively supporting development and promotion of startups, including foreign ones. Startups are given special privileges raging from solving visa problems to searching for funding.
      SKYLIGHT Consulting inc.
      SKYLIGHT Consulting inc. is a large Japanese consulting company dealing with market research and strategy development. Among company's clients are manufacturing and telecommunication corporations. Apart from the main activities, for more than 10 years SKYLIGHT has been dealing with venture investing and has its own business-incubator.
      Creww Inc.
      Docks is the coworking of the largest accelerators in Japan - Creww. Apart from offering working space, the organization offers help to startups in many ways: guidance, networking, events and much more.
      Monstar Lab, Inc.
      With worldwide team consisting of over 1,000 active engineers and creators, Monstar Lab strives to provide the best resources at the best places though the company's global presence in 13 countries and 23 offices worldwide. Monstar Lab's services and products include digital product development, music streaming, mobile game, co-working spaces, RPA tools, among others.
      Visit Monstar Lab's global site at https://monstar-lab.com/global/.
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